For the last 30 years we have been sourcing products and locating manufacturers for major retailers and Inventors. We have personally met and become friends with hundreds of manufacturers. Through this association, I learned what each manufacturer is producing, and what they are capable of manufacturing.

If the manufacturers that We have meet don’t manufacturer the product you are looking for I will then source out another reliable manufacturer for your product.

We can save you months of aggravation in searching out the right manufacturer for your product. You need to know you can count on your supplier. What We did is act on your behalf, caring for your interests throughout the process of bringing your product to market.

Our Team can save you thousands of dollars and speed up the production time of your product.

We will be there to inspect the plant where your product will be made, and to work with the manufacturer’s designers. Our Team will also arrange quality control inspections of your product at the factory.


We have years of expedients designing our own products and products for our clients Manufactures Designers

On any occations we will use the manufatures engineers and designers to help us and advise us on changes that will improve our clients product in production.


After all the hard work spent getting your product developed or made, the last thing you want to do is leave the shipping to chance.

We have worked with numerous shipping companies and shipping agents.

You can ensure that your product is shipped via the most efficient, safe, and cost effective manner.

We will make sure check all the shipping documents are in order so there are no delays in customs at both the port of exit and port of entry. Your products will only be handled and shipped by reputable shipping companies.

Most manufacturers have their own shippers they use so we will compare their shippers cost with our and if they can get a better price with a reputable shipping company we can we will use theirs if not we will arrange the shipping to your destination.