Here is a step by step accounting of the process we go through for our clients

The first thing we do is take a look at the companies we have dealt with in the past and see if these manufacturers can produce your product.

If we find these manufactures can’t manufactures your product we then outsource another manufacturer that can produce your product.

We then do a formal check on these companies for any red flags flying against them.  For example, late deliveries, pore quality, poor working conditions, est.

After narrowing these manufactures down to two we feel confident in we then go to their show rooms and take a look at their present products and talk to CEO of the company. We always have a backup manufacture for our  clients

We then narrow our search down to one manufacturers, that we feel certain can produce your product.

We will then make a plant visit, to inspect their manufacturing facilities.

We then sit down with their engineers and designers and go over your product design, till we feel certain they understand what we are trying to achieve and produce.

We then set up quality control within the plant for your production run.

We take care of all the packaging of your product, based on your graphic art work.

We also take care of the shipping of your product, from the manufacturer, to your warehouse, or directly to the retailers.

Most manufacturers have their own shipping companies they use but we will compare their prices to our shipping companies.

We have a follow up service that every time you order products we will visit the manufacturer and check the goods before they are loaded.

We make sure all the shipping documents are in order for a smooth delivery.

During this time the manufacturer will be sending us drawings of your product and on occasion they will suggest changes that they feel might help in production or quality of your product. These changes are entirely up to you to change or not.

Our Team can save you thousands of dollars and speed up the production time of your product.