Gene Garrett

I would like to welcome you to Manufacturers in China. I am an overseas sourcing agent with over 25 years of experience in sourcing out products and sourcing manufacturers in China for major retailers and private companies throughout the United States and abroad.

I am recommended by the Trade Development Councils and the Chambers of Commerce in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

You need to know that you can count on your suppliers and the right manufacturers. What I do is act in your behalf, caring for your interests throughout the process of bringing your products to market.

I will be there to inspect the plant where your products will be made, to meet the manufacturers, to present drawings and samples, and to work with the manufacturer's designers. I will arrange quality control, packaging, and the inspections of your goods. Rest assured that I will find the best possible products and manufacturers. I will only deal with manufacturers in China whose reputations are solid and come recommended by the Trade Development Councils.

You may also be assured that all documentation regarding the manufacturing and importation of your products will be properly handled. Manufacturers in China also arranges the shipping of your products.

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