Although the majority of my clients ask for and receive complete confidentiality concerning their inventions and business plans, I have been fortunate that several clients have volunteered to speak to my prospective clients on my behalf.

One is Don Abbott of Abbott’s Oil Field Supply in Odessa. You can call Don at 432-337-7335. I searched for oilfield equipment in China for him.

Lisa Duer: We have completed her project and she is selling to major drug store companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Jon McKinnon of Westmed Inc. Owner: 800-975-7987 They have offices in Colorado and Tucson Arizona. We manufacture nebulizer masks for them.

Devita Montgomery of Art Ingenuities. LLC: 432-559-0211 She is manufacturing an Art Pallet.

Kimberly Kirkup: 631-245-1667. Is in production producing the her baby spoon.

David Kirby: 304-522-7701. I am in the process of developing a product for him for the retail market. He has been on the tonight show introducing his product, with Jay Leno

Mark Micieli: 703-765-1735 I have been working on Marks project for some time now and he is now in full production and selling nationally.

Frank Bibbo: 607-326-2884 Frank is placing orders.

Tiffany Fromm: 67 823-03286 Tiffany. Her and mother came to Hong Kong to meet me and the manufacturers I picked out for her.

In addition, the following people have provided written recommendations:

David Kirby (DOWNLOAD PDF)
Devita Montgomery (DOWNLOAD PDF)
Mark Micieli (DOWNLOAD PDF)