Gene Garrett began as an inventor just like most of you. Staring in 1982 with just an idea of a product I felt would sell in American.

My ideas were child protection products to prevent child abduction.

I searched all over the States for about a year for a manufacturer that could produce my product for a reasonable price but all of them gave me prices that was too high or they weren’t interested in my product.

I then started checking overseas manufactures. The price I got from them was half the price I got from American manufactures. Searching for months for the right manufacture and spending thousands of dollars in getting my product ready for market. During this time, I came up with four other products I wanted to produce.

I then started a company call Gen Guard Child Protection. All my product addressed child abduction.

I started going to the major retailers to present my first finished product to.
I learned what it took getting my products to market.
I spent thousands of dollars I didn’t need to and spend months of wasted time looking for the right manufacturer.
I made all the mistakes as a first timer could make.

What I learned can cut your cost in half and the time it takes to find the right manufacturer down to about two months

During all this time, many other manufacturers, Inventors and Companies have asked me to source out manufacturers or products for them. I decided to open a new company sourcing out manufacturers and products for them. I started Manufacturers In China. Com and have been doing this business for over thirty years now.


I would like to share with you some of the things you need to do once you decided to use our service.

We need your cade drawing, drawings or a sample of your product. After we have located the manufacture and they give us the prototype or their rendering drawings of your product, you need to accept it or not. This is the time any changes can be made.

You will then need to have locate a graphic artist to design you packaging for the retailers if this is the way you go. If you’re going to sell through other ways you can just get it in a brown box.

If you’re going to sell your product to the retailers, you will need to get a UPC code which all retailers require.  After all this has been accomplished you’re ready to go.

I would be please to talk to you and explain much more you need to know.

 1982 Taiwan office

1982 Taiwan office

Manufacturers In China. Com and Gem Guard has sold products to.